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Fractal Workshop 4-15-18

Fractals, the intersection of science, math and art, are never ending patterns that repeat themselves at different scales.  

Students participated in workshops specifically designed by grade level to explore fractals.  Each workshop included a presentation with an introduction to fractals and the different types of fractal patterns.  Students then learned how they can have fun with fractals with some hands-on activities, including working with a Sierpinski triangle, Fibonacci sequence, tetrahedron, cutout cards and XaoS (fractal software).  Older students learned about application of fractals in various careers and had more in depth time with XaoS. 

Information about the Fractal Foundation and additional fractal activities can be found at

Even though there was a crazy spring snow storm many students and parents still made it out to the PAGE sponsored event with the Fractal Foundation, hosted Kettle Moraine High School.  Students (and parents) had lot of fun learning about fractals as seen on the video below.

PAGE Fractal Workshops 4-15-18.mp4